About the laboratory

ISLAB members work on research about VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits) and systems using VLSI. Especially these days, we put a lot of effort into the new technology “STL” proposed by ISLAB. It is a technique about the quality of circuit signals, increasing its importance in association with an improvement of CPU’s processing speed and high integration of VLSI. It interests a large number of people not only domestic but also international through some conference presentations. In addition, we advance wide range of research about integrated systems from basic techniques to applications, like research about system development using FPGA.

For people who wants to visit us

If you are interested our research or want to visit the laboratory, please come to Laboratory of Advanced Research Building B (11F), Room1123 or Room 1106.
It is certain to appoint a date to the email address below.

・u_members+@+islab.cs.tsukuba.ac.jp (Mailing list to the laboratory’s members)
・Or yasunaga+@+cs.tsukuba.ac.jp (Prof. Yasunaga)
(Replace “+@+” with “@”)